About Heveatech Decking

Heveatech is an eco-friendly product without the intended felling of trees. It was obtained from plantation trees. With its consistency in colour and substrate, Heveatech engineered wood able to minimise maintenance efforts, increase stability, structural integrity, durability and resistance against pest infestations, where no other wood comes close. In other words, Heveatech is the future of decking.

With its enhanced superior technology, Heveatech surpasses all other outdoor decking products in terms of performance and durability.

Heveatech advanced propriety technology and superior treatment is engineered to prevent water absorption, which contribute to structural stability, durability and prevent insect infestations.

The process of creating this compregnated laminated veneer outdoor timber is truly an improvement over conventional solid wood:

  1. Logs are peeled to become wood layers.
  2. The peeled layers are pressed dry to ensure consistent moisture content throughout.
  3. The pressed layers then undergo the key vacuum resin impregnated process to be re-bonded and re-formed into a strong and rot resistant solid structure.

The key process in Heveatech’s first rate technology which allows propriety resins to permeate into the wood cell structure, improves the strength, prevent warping and rot resistant of the wood.

6 Key Benefits About Heveatech Engineered Wood:

  • 100% Natural and Eco-friendly wood grain, colour, variations and warmth.
  • Extremely Durable. 15 years warranty against structural delamination and 10 years warranty against decay and termites.
  • Superior dimensional stability with up to 50% less expansion and contraction than solid hardwood.
  • Hardness that is similar to Bangkirai or Merbau.
  • Consistent long lengths. Reduces wastage and installation duration.
  • Ready, Fast to install and complete on project site itself.
Say NO to Conventional Solid Wood Issues!


a) Danish Profile (NEW!):

Bevelled 4 sided, one face danish profile, one face smooth (plain). Available for 195mm (W) only.

b) Grooved Profile:

Bevelled 4 sided, one face grooved (reeded), one face smooth finished. For both 90mm and 145mm (W) only.


  • Teak (Original base colour)
  • Wide range of custom coating using GORI 44 applicator shown below


DimensionWeightRecommended Batten Spacing
20mm (T) x 90mm (W) x 2500mm (L)3.8 kg300 mm
20mm (T) x 145mm (W) x 2500mm (L)6.2 kg300 mm
20mm (T) x 195mm (W) x 2500mm (L)8.3 kg300 mm

Technical Specification:

CharacteristicsTesting Standard and InstitutionHeveatech
Durability TestENV 12038 Sec 10.1Fully Resistant
Fire ResistanceCSFM 12-7A-4APassed
Delamination TestJAS 2008 FOR LVL (Art. 4)100% Pass
DensityASTM D143-94 2000 (Sec. 19)820 kg/m3
Elasticity (MOE)JAS 2008 FOR LVL (Art. 4)1000.45 kgf/mm2
Breaking Point (MOR)JAS 2008 FOR LVL (Art. 4)8.16 kgf/mm2
CompressionASTM D143-94 2000 (Sec. 9)5.30 kg
Hardness (Janka Ball)ASTM D10371800 lbs
Radial and Tangential ShrinkageASTM D143-94 2000 (Sec. 20)1.5%
Scratch TestJAS For Flooring Abrasion Test A100% Pass
Nail HoldingJIS Z 2102186.65 kg
Anti-TermiteJIS K 1571 2004Passed
Formaldehyde EmissionASTM E1333-960.02 ppm
Emission of toxic compoundsFraunhofer Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut (WKI)Low